Ode to citruses.


Among citrus it is considered the most known a lemon for this reason it is possible to name it «king» of family. As well as other representatives of citrus, he «was born» in India, and to Europe has got to times of crusades. On one of versions, the knights who were returning home, have brought it with themselves in number «other overseas wonders. And it has got the greatest glory thanks to the ability to prevent and treat a scurvy. Seamen, going to long voyage, necessarily took with themselves some boxes up to the top filled with» gold apples «because nothing could be compared to them by quantity of the vitamins so necessary at a poor ship diet. In due course housewives on advantage have estimated also flavouring qualities of a lemon and began to use it at cooking.

Close relatives of a lemon — an orange, a grapefruit and a tangerine not in many respects concede to «the head of family». If we have decided to list all their useful qualities would spend for it a lot of time. It is enough to tell, that orange fruits help us with struggle against the basic illnesses of the XXI-st century — a stroke, a heart attack, a hypertension and adiposity. Besides, they remarkably look after a face skin and bodies and are able to cheer quickly up

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