How to cure yourself Lichen

How to cure  Lichen ordinary house itself without medication. We are talking about ordinary shingles. The term «ringworm» has used the ancient Greek physicians, of course, they called all sorts ringworm rash accompanied by itching and flaking. But the term caught on.

In modern medical practice is like a ringworm second name, specifying other medical notation of disease, for example eczema — weeping shingles, psoriasis — psoriasis, trichophytia — ringworm, etc.

Who, in his childhood dabbling with street cats and dogs do not nahvatyvalsya, skin diseases such as herpes common, but almost all kids, sooner or later is caught up in their lives.

I recently learned that my neighbor grandparents secretly treating people at home versicolor, of course for the money, and many have already seen how the machine’s parents brought him children.

It’s funny that this is no longer young, almost an old man, turned to my grandmother a couple of years ago asking him to cure herpes, but now enjoys this recipe, but still takes the money. Although my grandmother was treated by depriving local children for free, and this muddle-headed neighbor helped, as it were, incidentally, completely free of charge, without making any of this treatment is no mystery.

So, my dear, to various crooks who do not have nothing to do with magic, folk medicine, or to not take money from your account for the basic procedures that you can do at home yourself, I’ll share with you a very easy recipe for treating herpes.

The most effective means of treatment of the ancient magical recipe depriving ordinary:

1.If shingles just appeared, and he was still a little, take a small piece of clean white sheet of paper, put it on the porcelain, earthenware, in extreme cases, the glass or ceramic glazed (slippery) surface and burn. Under no circumstances do not make it on the iron surfaces. When the leaf is burned to ashes, the ashes blow away and you will see that the dish remains a sticky spot of yellowish brown. Will you take this substance, and anoint zoster (do it better than a stick, not a finger, so as not to spread infection, but can be a finger)))). Smear should be up to 6 times a day, usually lichen is already on the second day.

Two. If the shingles are already running or very large. You’ve got to have a means stronger. Since ancient times, in magical rituals in voodoo drugs and used in the experiments of the alchemists sulfur. What did the gray is not treated, and where it just did not add. ))) It was considered as an attribute of the sulfur of the devil. According to folklore sources, the devil smells of sulfur. This smell is permanently stored in the place where the devil was cast out. Sulfur is used in the treatment of herpes.

The nearest place where you can get sulfur without jumping over the mountains and villages — is pharmacy. So, get ready, get in the pharmacy, the usual sulfuric acid ointment, it is «penny» by the way, stands, and anoint shingles several times a day (just in case check out the instructions in the drug), alternating with the recipe that I have given you from above. After a couple of three days must pass ringworm.

If this happens, you may have shingles which is another species, but may not deprive all. So do not run on the stock and the wise woman, and immediately go to the doctor to find out what it is you have on your skin.

In the treatment of lichen, there are other magical folk recipes, but no not as much force as those which I described to you, but maybe they too will be useful.

Other recipes depriving ordinary treatment.

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