In the spring there were freckles on the person. Spring recipes.


Meanwhile harmless freckles at all do not spoil appearance, opposite, as a rule, give to the person even any original charm.

However, tastes differ. If you so categorically against freckles try to warn their occurrence is better, than then to delete. For this purpose use protective creams, powder. Before an exit on street in a sunny day I advise to put on a pure face skin a thin layer of a special sun-protection cream. To you will help to pick up it in any drugstore or perfumery shop. If work demands longer to be on the sun, it is necessary then to wash and again to repeat all procedure.

Well, and if freckles all the same have appeared? Do not hasten to apply at all any sharply bleaching means under the recommendation of acquaintances, neighbours. They can lead to early withering of a skin. Use only special creams! In the evenings, having washed, put them on a nose, cheekbones, a forehead, eyelids — on them there are freckles — within 15—20 days more often.

The national medicine recommends parsley juice for bleaching of a skin. Small cut greens of parsley fill in with boiled water for 20—30 minutes, filter, cool and wipe infusion the person 2—3 times a day.

The May sun bears to our skin and more serious tests, than freckles! The matter is that by this time vitamins by which the organism was reserved in the summer and in the autumn, run low. You, possibly, have noticed, what in the spring get tired faster, feel weakness? There is no food and a skin. Therefore in May try to use more in food of the products containing vitamin C: a sauerkraut, tea from a dogrose, green onions, juice, house compotes and other preparations.

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