Good posture.

The direct back is an expression to well familiarly all who goes in for sports or a choreography. To «translate» it it is unequivocally impossible. That is to be straightened, tighten a stomach, shoulders are taken away back, scapulas do not stick out, and are shown in one straight line, a neck a straight line, the head is slightly raised… Try to accept such pose. You have felt, that as if. Became more harmonous, above growth, more strongly, more beautifully? This sensation is given by a correct posture.

How to develop it, to avoid stoop? In the first turn-with the help of gymnastics, закаливания, a balanced diet. Constantly watch how you sit, stand, go.

To sleep it is necessary on an equal, dense mattress, is better on a back, on a rigid flat pillow or in general without it.

If you work behind a table, sit on a chair directly so that the back was equal that all acting points of scapulas in regular intervals and densely adjoined to a backrest


When go, imagine, that before you a straight line, and try to go along it, but do not incline a head forward, do not lower shoulders — the back should be equal. If carry gravity, distribute it on both arms.

The correct posture influences not only your appearance, it gives correct position to all internal organs and to those promotes their normal functioning, good state of health.

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