Acupressure for a head.

head is illThe head is ill… And at once the mood has deteriorated, all falls from hands.Вы hasten to accept a medicine?. But wait, recollect dot massage can replace the most «fashionable» tablets!

So, massage at a headache. Occupy the most convenient position-sitting or standing. Weaken a collar, it should not constrain ‘ movements, limit mobility of a head.

We begin massage with superficial поглаживания, then deeper. Massage movements it is carried out on a course of blood and lymphatic vessels: from below upwards in a direction to a cinciput and back, on a course of veins from a cinciput downwards to lymph nodes on a neck and about ears.

Fingers of hands have on head top against each other, then advance them to auricles and a neck. At first mass lateral surfaces of a head, then a nape and a forehead.

Grinding carry out small pillows II—V of fingers or one big. In the first case the brush at massage should lean against the big finger or a basic part of a palm, in the second — to be fixed by other four fingers.

At the strong headache accompanied by nervous excitation, it is necessary to apply reception of not faltering vibration which carry out tips of fingers and all palm.

Till now we talked about the general massage волосистой parts of a head which should proceed 4—5 minutes. Now we will pass to acupressure or self-massage рефлексогенных zones of a head which will help to get rid of a headache.

If it is concentrated in parietal area, accompanied by dizziness, noise in ears, sensation of uncertainty and fear — spend massage рефлексогенной zones 1 (fig. see) which is in a parietal pole, on crossing of an average line of a head with a line connecting external acoustical passes.

Рефлексогенная a zone 2, which massage it is shown at a headache in frontal area, a nasal bleeding, tachycardia, is on an average line of a head, on two cross-section fingers above a line of growth of hair or on four cross-section fingers above надбровных arches.

At a headache acupressure will help with temporal area, a migraine, a neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve рефлексогенной zones 3. It is located in

волосистой head parts on one and a half centimetre inside from a line of growth of hair. This zone is sensitive to pressure, it should be massed gently, slightly.

In the field of a nape, in the centre of an occipital hollow, from both parties from an average line of a head are located рефлексогенные zones 4. Their acupressure will relieve of unpleasant sensation укачивания in transport, from headaches in the field of a nape.

Рефлексогенные zones 5 are located on a forehead on one cross-section finger above the middle of each of eyebrows. Massage of these zones apply at dizziness, exhaustion of eyes, pains in frontal area.

Carry out acupressure by a middle finger small pillow. In pair zones—3,4, it 5-is possible to do massage simultaneously from both parties.

Massage is made simultaneously in several areas-frontal, occipital, temporal, I-recommend to combine massage of several рефлексогенных zones, say, after the general massage to undertake acupressure 1, 2, 3, 4th zones.


If the head at you has ached after intensive mental work, after hard work with low lowered head, the good effect will give a combination of massage 1, 4th zones and рефлексогенных zones of a back surface of a neck.

At a strong pain in temples spend massage 1, 3,4th zones of a head. From pains acupressure of zones 1 will help with frontal area, 2, 5 heads and zones of 1 hands.

In all cases acupressure or head self-massage should be begun with influence on рефлексогенную a zone 1. The general duration of massage—4—5 minutes.

At long headaches massage is recommended to do 4—5 times a day. Will well add a course reception of juice of a hawthorn or a yarrow, on 2 table spoons 2 times a day in an hour after meal.

If headaches are connected with cold, a physical overstrain, long intellectual work-is useful three times a day to drink hot water infusion of a raspberry, a currant, a cranberry, lime colour.

Happens, that the reason of headaches is covered in low arterial pressure. Then I recommend to support curative action of massage by reception of water infusion Chinese лимонника, either элеутерококка, or заманихи, левзеи, a gold root.

Under all conditions categorically exclude the alcohol use, smoking! They can put an irreparable harm to a condition of your health. After all massage not simply dulls a headache, but restores normal functioning of all systems of an organism. In it its main value.

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