Women’s error.

Sometimes if you lose a man and stay in the dark about incomprehensible to us why? There is a stereotypical mistakes that often, we assume the weaker sex. What are they? Well, try to classify.

Who is not afraid to do something wrong and not at the beginning of a new pleasant acquaintance? Who would not want to bring in a formula rule that a woman does not want to do during the development of a new novel? If it was all so simple and easy to get the «retired» girls do not cry to a pillow at night, and abandoned women are not «stoked» to his woman’s grief in the unrestrained eating all the calories stored in their refrigerators … If …

But to sit idly by, we are not accustomed to — the road by walking, but to learn not only on its own, but the mistakes of others — the inheritance of wise women.

Pointing out the common mistakes women at the beginning of a new novel in this story we can.Do you draw attention to itself and to apply if these tips — it personal, your … Women …

During the dating …

It is no small time. To another man Half an hour, to be disappointed in a girl with whom he had just wanted to meet you …

You doubt his intelligence data?

… But at the same Straining his bowels, trying to remember something funny (wise / prudent / curious)? Do you see that interest in his eyes goes out with each new moment to you? Stop!Better to be silent, looking with keen interest in his eyes. If you had never had time to hone your mind and speech, not angry with me, your good female roles may be Chekhov’s «Darling». Tesh vanity men listening to his speeches, surprised at his ability, to rejoice fortunes with him. At the other women hold about their ambitious men all my life.

You talk too much?

The reverse side of the previous problems. With erudition and ability to pleasant for both dialogue you have everything in order, but the flow of your speech sometimes rolls over so that the ringing in your ears not only does your new friend, but your own. Chill! Give the guy to insert a word, otherwise you about it at all knowing nothing, and he, seeing you up to the door, headlong, run home to rest from such fiery speeches. And that’s the question — whether he chooses to hear them again?

You are too loud laugh? Noisy behave, artistically telling something interesting?

Not the first time. It is clear that now is the time like that is no longer a man straining his reasoning mind, as we were entertained at the meeting, and we are frantically trying to «stronger» to interest them a (cost statistics, when 10 girls — nine boys). But we should not give all his talents on the mountain at first acquaintance. You will still be at this time. Action and equal shares of «laying all their talents.

Defiantly take his arm and ask me to carry home?

It is still not your young people, but only came up to meet you. What are you trying to scare him his confidence that you can dispose of it? Well, resort to the method of Cinderella. «I came,» caught «left» … Pretending to be interested in getting to know «very very», but suddenly remembered that you have an urgent business (you somewhere someone is waiting for some reason …). Make nervous man, explaining what you have at least some thy coordinates. Instead of laying the full home address or your mobile number, give only a «hint» — accidentally in conversation tell me where you learn, or what your occupation, where you love to go … After your hasty departure will! Do not worry! They’re hunters — give them this opportunity for you «hunt».

In the midst of «battle»

He is interested. Often calls recently invited to interview, film, club, introduces friends. In general, becomes an integral part of your life. You do somewhere in my heart calmed down.Where is he now anyway? But no! The most dangerous time has come for you. He had not yet «hooked», but tries to cast into the water bait … What mistakes can you make in this period?

You believed in their fascination and the positive development of the novel?

Not worth the hassle. As one old actress said of her daughter: «Do not relax — take away!».Before that you did everything right, and he’s still with you, it is interesting to you, he (not you) vyzvanivaet thee all day long on the mobile phone, asks for meeting with you, said that she was bored, when you can not see though for a minute — you can still keep the same bar, which is set at the beginning. Not to lose momentum — you are on the right path.

You understand that met her future husband and will do everything to them and he was!

Even if you know exactly what it was for this man you would like to marry, there is no urgent need to inform (or even insinuate) in his opinion. It may not please him and to the same scare.On the contrary, give to understand (also not «head», of course) that you are married is not yet ready to go, you’ve got a lot of other interesting activities and plans that need to complete, but communicate with him — you’d like, and very even like know him as a person.

You often give him a call, what he? You often ask me to spend a little more together than he love you? You often talk to him about love than him? And so on?

Awful! You can only sympathize … I thought that such stupid mistakes today ladies and the ladies at the beginning of his new novel will not do!

When he was «almost on the hook»

Look, that he fell off from him. With them the same with men as with circus tigers — always keep in sight and on the curb and in any case not to turn his back on them …

A number of errors that you can do in this period and who do not want:

You zhemannichaesh in «shmotochnom» store and solicit a gift.
You «lisp» to him and call him when those friends «gentle» pusya-lapusya, nicknames, from which they smiled and exchanged glances with each other, and your boyfriend while displeasure frowns …
You are interested in, well, when he introduces you to his parents (or, alternatively, when he will show you my cozy apartment).
You ask, when it finally will carry all your belongings to your home (as an option, we’ll take an apartment together and live happily, yes …)
You’re not his desires, and decisions on their own plan to the next day (month, year), what are you going to do, who to go to the guests that he had to fix in your apartment, where the rest will go next summer …
Do you «turn off» its own problems that you are now and have been in the past … Do you think that way you are trying to prove its openness and extremely frank with the object of their adoration.
You’re in it comes to you make ready a festive dinner of five dishes to once again show what you’re handy people.
You’re facing a new meeting him happy at home, in broad daylight, «entourage» from burning candles, red curtains, erotic musical accompaniment breathy singers and openwork neglige to you the most? In general, the plan he had only come to you for a cup of tea …
You get in his honor the collective view of your new friend, have been invited to your parents, friends, neighbors. And let them know of our!
All this while, at this stage — either too early or too openly, or tiresome, if any, should decide a man, not you …

And this is, as you know, not the entire list of errors that you can make as inexperience in his youth and in adulthood. Clearly, much is dictated by your actions of blindness, passion, love, finally … But still, some part of the «cold and sober-minded» medulla leave and continue in such a cooling. That then was excruciatingly painful for his admitted such naive and sweet, but fatal mistakes women …

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