What is the skin.

How our skin is arranged?

The skin is a difficult organ. In various places even its thickness differs and happens from 0,1 to 4 mm. The thickest is the skin of a neck, a back, a skull, hips, palms and feet. Appearance and a skin condition change depending on age, the general condition of an organism, a food, external influences of medium, etc. Colour and elasticity of a skin depend on conditions of a life, a sex, age, a trade, a season, a climate, a racial accessory, hereditary features, etc. So, the skin has three main layers: external (false skin), average (a derma, or a true skin) and internal (a hypoderm, or a hypodermic).

Our false skin is made by some layers of microscopical fine cells. Cells of the deepest layer named germinal, constantly breed and gradually reach, are as though pushed out on a skin surface. In due course they are filled with cornual substance and form the blanket of a false skin. Horn cells continuously exfoliate and disappear, but this process goes very slowly and at the healthy person remains not noticed.

The derma (true skin) consists of the thin fibers of a connecting tissue collected in fascicles, and from especial elastic (collagenic) fibers which give elasticity to a skin. The skin of young men smooth, tense also is elastic, as is rich with elastic fibers. Eventually, however, these fibers become thin, elasticity and their number are lost, that is why in advanced age the skin is relaxed, becomes inelastic, wrinkled, that is especially noticed on the person and a neck.

In a derma the network of blood vessels and nerves is densely located. Also in a derma many muscular fibers which are bridged by the internal extremity to a root of hair. When they are reduced — hair rise also your skin becomes кусиной, in a pimple. (A goose skin).

The hypoderm (hypodermic) consists of the bound fascicles of fibers of a connecting tissue. They bind a derma to subject tissues. At reproduction fascicles form the weak network filled with grains of hypodermic Adeps. This Adeps gives the approximated form to a body and, being a bad conductor of heat, protects it from cooling. Adeps is irregularly distributed on a body, and its quantity depends on an age, sex, a food, a physical strain, etc. At its women most of all collects in the field of a stomach, hips and breeches.

In a derma and a hypoderm there is also a dense network of lymphatic vessels, nerves and nervous fibers. The free nervous terminations perceive a pain. Other nervous apparatus of the various device perceive a touch, pressure, heat or a cold, an itch, a burning sensation and a tickling.

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