What is the dermal glands.

Dermal glands. Their only two kinds — sweaty  and sebaceous. sweaty glands represent the thin tube opening on a surface of a skin in separate sweaty a pore. The internal extremity of a tubule is twisted in the form of a ball. In a skin of the person contains from 2 to 15 million sweaty  the glands distributed in a skin irregularly. The skin of palms, axillary hollows, inguinal cords, feet, a forehead and a back is richest sweaty with glands. Sweat allocation depends on a condition of nervous system, than and the sharp diaphoresis is defined at a strong fright or excitement.

Sebaceous glands are in a derma. They adjoin hair and open in the hair channel. In a skin of the person contains about 900 Open Companies of sebaceous glands which allocate 2 — 3 г a fatty secret daily. They are distributed on all body (except palms and feet), but most densely settle down on a head, the person, a back and a thorax. At plentiful fatty secretion the skin and hair become fat, shining and elastic. At the reduced secretion a skin dry, rough, even cracks, and hair — dry and fragile are sometimes formed.

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