Velvet skin

Slice 8 lemons and lower in a warm bath. Lie down in it of 15-20 minutes. The skin becomes gentle and elastic.

My grandmother of 70. But in this advanced age, it is snow-white smooth skin without the slightest manifestation of age spots. And I know that no suspenders, no magic anti-aging injections, it did not. «Bah, what’s your secret? Well, at least tell his beloved granddaughter,» — one day I asked her. And the answer was simple, like all brilliant. «The main thing — to have an easy character to make friends with young people (grandmother worked all her life in school), to sleep before midnight, and use every free minute for the benefit of its beauty. Prepare salads? Wipe a slice of cucumber face — moisturize and whiten the skin better than any lotion. In the bank has remained a spoon of sour cream? And it is also in the face! It is only necessary to know why one or another suitable means. » And my grandmother showed me the book, which for many years recorded his helpful advice. Indeed, to give yourself 15-20 minutes a day to rest and lie down with the mask on your face, it is possible and necessary, even the busiest woman on which the household, and work.

In the end I was able one day to get this notebook with homemade beauty recipes, which I share with you safely because, having tested them myself, I can say one thing — they work!
N1 — Yolk Mask. It is suitable for dry skin, as all the ingredients of this mask is well nourish and soften. One egg yolk rub a few drops of olive or vegetable oil until smooth. Apply the mixture on your face, cover with moist gauze and soak for 15 minutes, then gently rinse with warm water.
N2 — oatmeal mask. For this mask you will need a universal finely grind oatmeal.Two or three tablespoons of boiling water pour into a bowl, cover and let the weight swell and cool slightly. Then apply a mask to the face and neck for 20 minutes, and its remnants are also rinse with warm water.
N3 — The Mask «Banana joy.» This express mask is cooked very quickly, and it do not need to float, scrub, cook. A piece of banana mash well with a fork until a soft mass and put it on the face. An excellent cooling effect, you are guaranteed. And no chemicals!
N4 — Mask of contracting. This option is ideal for women who have enlarged pores on the skin. In order to narrow down, take the egg whites and beat his broom into the foam and add one teaspoon of lemon juice. After 15 minutes, your skin will be smooth and opaque, and large pores are not as noticeable.
N5 — Honey Mask. It has a sedative effect on the peeling from the sun as well as a lack of vitamins skin. And it must be prepared as follows: 2 tablespoons honey, 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, warm water bath and let the mixture cool slightly. This mask should be applied on the face gradually — first a layer, then, when the first dry, on the other. And wash it the best herbal decoction of camomile, which has excellent softening effect.
N6 — Mask nutritious potato. If you have dry skin, then you probably know the uncomfortable feeling of tightness in the face. To get rid of it, take one large boiled potato, soften it and mix with a tablespoon of warm milk. After 20 minutes the skin noticeably softened and discomfort disappear.

N7 — Whitening Mask. If you want to be Snow White, grate fresh cucumber pulp on a fine grater, put the resulting slurry on gauze and cover her face. In addition to good bleaching effect this mask will refresh tired skin and fading.
N8 — vitamin mask. Mash yolks, gradually adding to it a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Then drop by drop, add juice of half an orange and mix it all and lubricate the face.
N9 — Mask of yeast. To make up for nutrients in the body we buy yeast in the pharmacy. So why not use such a useful product in the domestic cosmetics? So, to prepare a nourishing mask, 50 grams of yeast should be crumbled and thoroughly rubbed with one tablespoon of vegetable oil.
N10 — soothing mask. You are overheated in the sun, and now your face is sore, and «on fire»? Then a half cup of cottage cheese mixed with two tablespoons of sour cream and beaten egg whites to form a dense homogeneous mass. Time of exposure — 10 minutes.
Rinse all of the above can mask and special lotions, which are also easy to prepare at home. Only use them for the best two or three days, as the natural products — perishable goods, which need to be stored in a cool dark place.

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