The smell involves and pushes away …

Let’s talk how smells influence feelings, on this thin area Human communications, mutual relations.

What beekeeper does not know: if you will approach to a beehive dusty, sweated — to be stung! The smell of alcohol, sweat, nicotine meets bees sharply aggressively. And the person? Whatever was before you the clever interlocutor, a good companion, having noticed slovenliness, a bad smell, you will think disapprovingly: «Sloven».

It is especially thin react in these cases of the woman. And, alas, quite often there is, that a husband, that not knowing, the slovenliness pushes away the wife, causing gradually its irritation, and there and cooling… And happens and on the contrary: having plunged into homework, the woman-mistress ceases to watch itself, falls and gradually ceases to be for the husband desired, unique… Please, pay attention, how you look in dome. — on work all of us tightened! Cleanliness, neatness, aroma of purely washed up hair, the fresh, washed out skin so mean in relations of a two loving much…

And here still that: you have noticed, in the nature all aspires to harmony — as would lose a lilac if smelt in another way, or, say, a modest camomile заблагоухала as a southern magnolia much. And after all quite often young, gentle girl chases spirits with dense aroma — so a French perfume smells fashionable now. What for? The spirits which are not in harmony with your shape, a smell of your hair and a skin, make unpleasant, repellent impression.

The huge choice is given to us by the perfumery industry: there are spirits with smells dense, easy, damp, bright, light, fresh, cold, warm… Also it is necessary to be able to choose the among this abundance. Believe, it is far not always aroma of the most fashionable, most expensive spirits…

By the way speaking to use spirits it is necessary with care: too plentiful consumption speaks them about nasty taste, can cause irritation. Quite often a perfume aroma try to interrupt an unpleasant smell of sweat, the stale dress, etc. In no event cannot be done it! The pungent smell of spirits only will aggravate position. Unique means-cleanliness. Bathing, washing, pure linen, a fresh dress will relieve of troubles and sweat

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