The nose from a cold reddens.


At some people on a frost the nose strongly reddens — means the circulation is broken. Warm compresses from a rather weak soda solution in that case will help. Do compresses every evening. To take a compress 15—20 minutes are necessary, then carefully to rub a nutritious cream, massing a nose from an end to the basis.

Outside, a cold and your nose turns red in the cold without mercy. As a result you like, not on the snowman, not that of Santa Claus. In general, the fabulous creature, but for real life and socializing with the opposite sex unattractive.

How to get rid of the red nose in the cold?

A. First of all, going out into the cold, dress warmly and wear a hat. The redness of the nose can often be due to hypothermia, especially because of the hypothermia of the head.

Two. If the cap does not help, try before going out on a cold cup of hot coffee or cocoa.

Three. If coffee does not help lubricate the nose is fat cream (best to use baby cream).

4. In more severe cases, redness of the nose, where no heat is hot or warm hat do not give a positive result, it is worth trying to do a variety of masks against the redness. Perhaps the following will help mask.

Ingredients: 1/3 chamomile extract, 1/3 glycerin, 1/3 apple juice. All the ingredients are mixed and applied to the skin of the nose for five minutes. After five minutes remove the cloth mask. This mask should be done at night and do not rinse with water.

Here is another effective recipe against the Reds: Take a little grated apple, infusion of lime blossom, as well as a few drops lemon, apply on the trouble spots for 10 minutes and rinse with water, at room temperature. This mask should be done no more than three times a week.

Five. It is also very good help from the infusion of chamomile lotion and a simple self-massage: short-term movements of the massage point reddening place for thirty minutes before going outside, then lubricate the nose cream.

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