Respiratory gymnastics

It was found out, that the majority of people, incorrectly… Breathe. And in it there is nothing unusual. The natural type of breath, as a rule, starts to be broken with 12-year-old age. At women the thoracal type of breath, at men — abdominal prevails. And here admixed when all muscles participate in process — a thorax, diaphragms, a prelum abdominale and т. D. — it to what also it is necessary to aspire.

That breath was correct, it is necessary to remember a posture. And simultaneously to master auxiliary exercises for development of the top, average and bottom breath.

The bottom breath. After a full exhalation relax a stomach, wait, there will be no yet a requirement to inhale, and begin, evaginating a stomach, a slow, uniform inspiration (the diaphragm thus falls, stretching the bottom departments of lungs). After an inspiration, not doing a pause, slowly involving a stomach, not straining, exhale to the full. At requirement to inhale continue exercise. Pick up a rhythm at which the exhalation is twice longer than an inspiration. Also try not to pass to usual breath.

Average breath. The purpose of this exercise — to learn you to dilate a thorax, moving apart ribs. To carry out it it is necessary, as well as at the bottom breath, but not to activate a stomach muscle.

The top breath. Clavicles Here work. At an inspiration — small lifting, an exhalation — at the expense of lowering of clavicles. The same technics.

Having felt, that respiratory muscles have gained in strength, it is possible to stop exercises. Now all alveoluses of lungs are ventilated in regular intervals, breath such as it is necessary, and it is possible not to pay to it attention. After all full breath to which we aspire, is not constant exercises, and an end result. Trainings should be not more often than 5 times a day, after 7 cycles of the exercises executed successively, have properly a rest.

All know, that it is desirable to do an inspiration and an exhalation through a nose. But there are cases when this «rule» should be broken. For example, at swimming, singing and usual conversation. The breath structure varies and at exercise stresses. We offer a complex of the special exercises rendering strengthening, training, regulating influence on an organism. They are important and useful. A rhythm of breath the same: the exhalation is twice longer than an inspiration. Rhythmical breath with the extended exhalation. Accept the basic rack. An inspiration do into account 2-3, an exhalation — on 4—6. Gradually an inspiration extend to account 4-5, and an exhalation-to 7—10. Watch a rhythm sharpness. Repeat exercise of 4-6 times.

Uniform breath with exhalation activation. In position «the basic rack» make a full deep inspiration through a nose and the extended, extremely full exhalation through a mouth, as at задувании candles. Repeat 4—6 times.

Abstersive breath. Rise in the basic rack. Make a deep inspiration through a nose, and an exhalation through the compressed labiums three — four short jerks. These exercises after long stay in a stuffy premise with stuffy air are especially useful. Repeat 3—4 times.

Abirritating breath. This exercise is carried out usually after exercise stresses, or during stoppings at the dosed out walking, or jogging. Accept, the basic a rack. Slowly, with a full deep inspiration lift arms arches forward and dissolve them in the parties with turn of palms up. Simultaneously slightly raise a head. On a slow full exhalation return to a starting position, having done return movement of arms and a head.

At the basic stage you can include in training loads also swimming. In summertime it delivers you pleasure mass. But remember: all is good rather.

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