Palms became rasping, arms have got tired.

The skin of arms in an operating time first of all is exposed to influence of factors of an environment: to a cold and fever, a working load, chemical stimuluses, etc. Therefore arms grow coarse, there can be callositases, cracks — they promote penetration of microbes into a dermal tissue. How to avoid it? Whether it is possible to help arms? It is possible, even in the conditions of daily work in the field or on a farm. First of all it is necessary to take out fatigue in brushes of arms. Warm trays for brushes are for this purpose good. It is possible to do them of one warm water, but to prepare water infusion from peer parts of leaves Plantago major L is better., Bidens tripartita L., and Urtica dioica L. Temperature of a tray-nearby of 40 degrees, duration-10-15 of minutes. In half an hour after procedure make to itself massage of both brushes and forearms. I will remind, that hygienic trays should be accepted after careful washing of arms.

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