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The skin on arms has coarsened, became rough

If the skin has coarsened, became rough, do time or two trays in a week of juice of a sauerkraut, milk Serum, potato broth. After grease a skin with a fat cream and for the night put on cotton gloves. It is possible to use vegetable oil (the same portion) for trays, and then to get wet arms a napkin.

That the skin of elbows was soft, during a daily shower triturate its brush or a bast, and then grease with a fat cream.

Massage of arms for weariness.

It is noticed, that the skin of arms grows old faster, and to that they so require protection and leaving. And it is constant.

Let’s begin with massage. It is possible to do it in the morning: as soon as will wake up, and start. Circular movements mass each finger and a joint separately as though put on gloves. Читать далее

Respiratory gymnastics

It was found out, that the majority of people, incorrectly… Breathe. And in it there is nothing unusual. The natural type of breath, as a rule, starts to be broken with 12-year-old age. At women the thoracal type of breath, at men — abdominal prevails. And here admixed when all muscles participate in process — a thorax, diaphragms, a prelum abdominale and т. D. — it to what also it is necessary to aspire. Читать далее


They dig and water, erase and iron, wash, sew, knit and embroider. Do not know rest female arms, eternal труженицы. We will not regret half an hour, we will take care of them…

If not to take care of fingernails from work in the field, on a site, on the house, on kitchen they will grow dull and exfoliate. Care of fingernails is simple, but one condition — it should be to constants. Читать далее

Massage against cold and a flu.

For the purpose of rising of resistibility of an organism to cold and diseases

The top respiratory tracts insistently it is recommended to spend punctual and general massage of a thorax and the person. Thorax massage improves work of lungs and heart, raises elasticity of a skin, takes out a pain behind a breast bone, facilitates tussis. Читать далее