On what colour of a skin depends.

Colour of a skin is defined by some factors. Most important of them-it melanin, a pigment of brown colour. Which is in a kind of grains in cells of the deepest layer of a false skin. Its quantity is unequal at various people. At swarty people of melanin contains more than at the white-skinned. The skin of children, girls and young men contains rather less pigment and it is more thin. In it there are more than blood vessels and consequently it more pink, gentle and fresh. Other factor on which colour of a skin — a transparency depends, and it, in turn, depends on a thickness of a skin. With the years the false skin утолщается, grows coarse also a skin becomes more thin, in it there come irreversible processes of ageing. Colour of a skin depends as well on rozovato-red colour of a bloody pigment (haemoglobin) in capillaries and from yellowish colour of a pigment of the cornual substance (keratin) which is in a false skin. Under the influence of ultra-violet beams (solar or a quartz lamp) quantity of melanin is quickly enlarged also harmful penetration of these beams into depth of a body decreases.

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