Massage of feet.

You are not sick, but began to feel suddenly, that feet quickly get tired. Caviar and when rise-crackle joints, feet reduces… Listen to this signal: means, not all is safe in your organism. By medicine it is noticed, that deterioration of the general condition begins with feet! Means, it is necessary to «include» more activly protective functions of an organism, to result them in «alertness» for struggle for normal state of health.

The first agent-massage of fingers, feet, stops, talocrural and knee joints, an anticnemion, a hip, a hip joint and area of breeches. To do it most conveniently laying.

We begin with improving massage-with of a stroking of all foot in a direction from ends of fingers to a hip joint and inguinal area. This reception not only abirritates nervous system, but also prepares tissues laying deeply under a skin and vessels for the subsequent receptions, removing with their a stress.

Having passed to massage of feet, triturate each finger separately in a direction from a fingernail to the basis, thus incurvate and unbend fingers.

Sole mass the big finger or the incurvated joint of a long finger, a direction-from of fingers to a heel and an ankle joint, movements-strong and vigorous.

Special attention turn on massage ахиллова tendons (it tests the big exercise stress) and икроножной muscles which to a thicket is exposed to cooling and an overstrain. Relax foot, begin with heel massage, then pass to a tendon and further to икроножной to a muscle, use щипцеобразный reception.

Knee joint mass a stroking round a patella, then grasp its three fingers and carry out circular movements. Massage of muscles spend, laying on a back or sitting with the knees incurvated under a right angle. A direction of movements — to a popliteal space. Incurvating a knee joint, tighten a foot as far as possible to a breast.

Hip massage carry out on a course of muscles from a knee joint to an inguen. Under knees enclose the platen.

Reflexogenic zones settle down on all surface of a foot. That you could find them faster and more precisely, we will describe them on sites: foot and an ankle joint, an anticnemion and a knee joint, a hip and a rump.

Reflexogenic zones of foot and ankle joint. In the sole centre between small pillows of muscles there is a zone 1. Massage of this zone normalises functions of kidneys and a bladder, — helps to get rid of renal gripes.

On a foot dorsum, in the bottleneck, the zone 2 which massage considerably reduces a pain in stop at a bruise is located, and also reduces or at all stops giddiness.

On an internal surface of foot find by means of the scheme a zone 4. Pressure on which takes out a pain at bruises of feet and a perineum.

On an ankle joint inside, at once under an internal malleolus, there, where at a palpation the hollow is defined, there is a zone 6. Its massaging use for putting off of a pain from a sting of bees and other insects.

On the same part of an ankle joint, but already above an upper edge of an inside of a malleolus for width of two fingers, there is a zone 7 which massage will help at the general delicacy, sweatings. Simultaneous massage of zones 6 and 7 appears effective at vascular diseases of feet of type of an endarteritis. Therefore this zone often name a zone of «cold feet».

Reflexogenic zones of an anticnemion and knee joint. In the bottom third of anticnemion on its internal surface, on width of three fingers above a malleolus upper edge, the zone 8, one of the cores is located at treatment of genitourinary disorders. Massage of this zone has fortifying influence on all organism, and acupressure takes out delicacy, a sleeplessness, giddiness.

In the top third of anticnemion there are zones 9, 10, located on distance of two combined across fingers from internal and external a popliteal calyx. Massage of these zones is applied pains in knee joints, in feet, at diseases of a liver and a cholic bubble.

With anticnemion lateral aspect, also in its top third, find one of the major reflexogenic zones—11. Its massage makes regulating impact on a gastroenteric tract, promotes appetite restoration. In medical practice it is applied at treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum.

On a back surface of an anticnemion on an average line and on two fingers below a popliteal space the zone 12-influence on it begins takes out cramps and a pain in икроножных muscles, improves blood supply of feet.

Hip and rump zones.

On a lateral surface of a hip the zone 13 is located. When you stand with the arms lowered along hips, this zone will be at a long finger end. Massage of this zone well helps at impellent disturbances with a foot, at pains of feet and loins, a nervous tension.

Above this zone, on a lateral hollow of a rump, there is a zone 14. Its massage considerably reduces a pain at lumbosacral radiculites, hip joint diseases, at pains in тазовых organs.

On a back surface of a hip, in the centre of a cluneal cord, there is a zone 15 which acupressure is applied at dorsodynias, delicacies in feet, a sciatica.

In following number of magazine we will tell about what receptions and methods should be used at massage of those or other reflexogenic zones located standing.

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