Massage of arms.

In the centre of a palm there is rather important reflexogenic zone — in the east of it name «a work palace» (a drawing 1). Massage of this zone takes out weariness of arms, reduces a sweating of palms.

One more very important reflexogenic zone is located between big and index fingers; (a drawing 2) its acupressure or pressing on it help at an intestinal colic, take out a nervous tension, promote dream offensive.

Remember, that pressure upon a point, (the drawing 3) located in an angle of a nail plate from index finger lateral aspect, within 3—4 minutes takes out a dentagra.

How to make to itself massage of arms? Standing or sitting in a convenient pose, we start to mass fingers from nail phalanxes to the basis, further we pass to a brush, from it we mass a skin upwards to a radiocarpal and ulnar joint, to a shoulder, towards a neck and an axillary hollow. At massage of fingers and a brush the basic receptions are the stroking and grinding which are recommended to be combined with passive and active movements in joints. It is necessary to do a stroking on lateral surfaces of fingers, that is on a course of lymphatic vessels, plane and clasping movements. Grinding — rectilinear and circular movements (taking into account a joint configuration). Interosseous muscles of a palm mass from the back party, after a stroking triturate separately each muscle and a tendon, thus fingers should be slightly dissolved. On a palm grinding and a petrissage do by the big fingers or a crest of the fingers compressed in a fist.


1 «a work palace»;

2-fortifying zone;

3-zone of putting off of a dentagra.

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