Massage of arms for weariness.

It is noticed, that the skin of arms grows old faster, and to that they so require protection and leaving. And it is constant.

Let’s begin with massage. It is possible to do it in the morning: as soon as will wake up, and start. Circular movements mass each finger and a joint separately as though put on gloves. Then pass to massage of the back party of a brush. Having clasped wrists, continue massage of arms, rising to an elbow, and then to a shoulder. Make some movements by brushes, rotate them alternately to the right and to the left, compress in fists and unclench, сымитируйте game on a piano.

Now it is possible to pass to massage of forearms and shoulders. An arm extend, fingers compress in a fist. With short rhythmical blows by a rib of a palm of other arm tap on the extended: from fingers to axillas. At first on internal, and then and on its external surface. To strengthen a circulation, make fast easy tinglings from below upwards two fingers: big and index. It will lift a tonus of muscles, especially humeral which weaken with the years and droop.

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