Massage against cold and a flu.

For the purpose of rising of resistibility of an organism to cold and diseases

The top respiratory tracts insistently it is recommended to spend punctual and general massage of a thorax and the person. Thorax massage improves work of lungs and heart, raises elasticity of a skin, takes out a pain behind a breast bone, facilitates tussis.

Thorax on the structure very fragile, therefore at its massage it is necessary to show care. At women thorax massage is spent only in its top third, above thoracal glands.

The general massage begin with a superficial and deep stroking of pectoral muscles and a breast bone in a direction to axillary hollows, and intercostal intervals — in a direction to a backbone. After a stroking carry out grinding of a breast bone and costal arches small pillows of fingers.

Acupressure also carry out on reflexogenic zones which are located on an average line of a breast bone and in the intercostal spaces which are on two fingers outside from it (a drawing 1). On an average line most often to acupressure subject a zone 8 located in a place of crossing of an average line of a breast bone with a line, spent through dummies of thoracal glands. Its massage is shown at pains in the field of thoracal ‘ cells, a dyspnea, tussis, dyspnea attacks at a bronchial asthma. Above this zone in the centre of a cutting of a thoracal bone there is a zone 9. Massage it apply at tussis, at difficultly separated sputum. Reflexogenic zones 10, 11, 12, 13, located in intercostal spaces, subject to massage at a bronchial asthma, a bronchitis, a pneumonia.

The general and acupressure is better for spending in a lateral decubitus that gives the chance to relax thorax muscles (thus the right arm masses the left half, and on the contrary), and at a bronchial asthma — sitting at head slightly inclined to a breast. Acupressure of reflexogenic zones of a thorax is expedient for combining with massage of zones of a back.

At acute respiratory diseases, a cold, anginas, a headache acupressure of reflexogenic zones of a thorax is recommended to be combined with massage of reflexogenic face zones (a drawing 2). The reflexogenic zone 11 is on an average line of the person between the internal extremities of brows. The reflexogenic zone 12 is at an upper edge of a cord from a labium near to a nose wing.

It is necessary to spend massage by an abirritating method within two-three minutes, pressing on each point 15 seconds are not longer, that is, doing rotary movements seven times in one party and seven times in another. For the purpose of preventive maintenance massage is done by 2—3 times a day, and at disease-through each hour.

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