They dig and water, erase and iron, wash, sew, knit and embroider. Do not know rest female arms, eternal труженицы. We will not regret half an hour, we will take care of them…

If not to take care of fingernails from work in the field, on a site, on the house, on kitchen they will grow dull and exfoliate. Care of fingernails is simple, but one condition — it should be to constants.

So, we cut fingernails regularly, not too shortly — so that ends slightly acted over finger pulp. The length of fingernails on both arms should be identical — разнобой makes slovenly impression. That fingernails were not rough, they can be filed slightly a file, moving it only in a direction to the middle. The most convenient form of a fingernail — oval.

The dermal platen surrounding a fingernail, sometimes expands, almost to its half. It is unhygienic and ugly. In that case it is necessary to take arms of 5-10 minutes in warm soap water, slightly to wipe a nutritious cream and a special scapula — they are in everyone маникюрном a set — cautiously to remove the platen downwards that fingernails freely «breathed», were better looked.

If fingernails exfoliate, daily wipe their special лосьоном. For the night grease arms and fingernails with any nutritious cream.

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