Manicuring. Care of a skin of arms.

Whether you how our skin is hardy reflected? After all it of the first takes up environment influence, protects an organism from adverse influences…

The integument can tell that occurs in our organism, can even name in some cases an organ which function is broken. In ancient times, when physicians yet had no such difficult and exact equipment what is available now in each out-patient department, the skilled doctor on a skin condition could define developing illness and to predict its further current… For example, function of organs of digestion — was broke and there and then on a skin there is an eruption. Have caught a cold — and on a labium the fever acts. Young men and girls in puberty at disturbance of function of glands of internal secretion have eels on the person, a back, a breast. And recollect the illnesses proceeding with a heat: after all only our skin salvages an organism from an overheating! A healthy skin-it the reservation which protects an organism, internal organs from penetration in microbes and viruses.

To us the skin is already known and as a pantry of reflexogenic zones. Influences on these sites of a skin can help to resist to an organism an infection, to raise working capacity, to take out physical or mental fatigue, to relieve of feeling of pavor, to reduce, and even in general to take out a pain.

We will devote today’s conversation to a skin of arms.

Look attentively at the arm. You see, — on a surface of a forearm and a shoulder a skin gentle and soft, it is easily vulnerable, sensitive to a cold and to solar beams.

On palms the skin smooth, dense, inactive, hardly gathers in cords. On it there are no hair, but it is a lot of потовых glands. Happens, that these glands strenuously allocate sweat then palms become wet, cold. Such phenomenon not norm, this implication of the general disease, some kind of «alarm signal» which should be heard to people with the raised sweating of palms.

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