Magic Spells to improve vision

There are a number of magical charms from various eye diseases and to improve vision. In our small spiritual world, there are verbal magic, the magic word. The idea is material, and when what is a word or phrase uttered throughout the ages many times, these words are uttered thoughts recharged energy of their people.

Conspiracies to improve vision

For any eye ailment to do this rite. Exit the stairwell, a little piece of wet toilet paper to wipe his eyes at first healthy, then — the sick, throw the paper into the bin with the words:

«Mutilated himself, himself posoblyu.

What hurt — and so being treated.

Where it is — there and gone. »

Conspiracy against the eyesore (cataract)

If you read the plot of a thorn, and the thorn must trace the hand, and to baptize.

«St. George was traveling on a white horse,

followed by three escaped dog.

A dog licks the dawn, the second moon, and the third — with the eyes of cataract.

St. George, take off his sacred spear evil eye cataract handmaid (name), born, baptized, praying. Amen. Amen.Amen «.

Also, when a cataract:

Go to any body of water, and looking into it, read the spell.

«Water Mirror, the water of God, let that took.

Thorn in the mirror reflect light to the eyes of God, turn again.

The keys to unlock the spring,

walleye from the disaster at the locks

close up.

As the sand is washed in water,


both walleye in Lake


Come, God’s light, my

disgusted. Amen «.

Or, stand facing the east, and read for three days, several times:

«Twilight and sex twilight hour and podzakatny podvecheroshny,

white light do not miss.

As a night owl looks on and sees all,

and the servant (name) to white light

was not stagnation. Amen «.

Plots of glaucoma

To be cured of glaucoma, you should go to the river and catch fish out there — what, no matter. While she was struggling in his hands, look her in one eye, which you struck (for example, to the right if you are sick right, and vice versa) and read the incantation:

«I look at fish eye.

As reflected in the river a month,

over looking, admiring,

like the sun at sunset rolls, falls,

with a dawn evening washes, spleskivaet,

I would be so reflected in the eye of fish.

And as a fish eye does not blink,

warm body will not happen,

and my eyes is not to be sick,

do not cry, do not suffer. Amen «.

After reading the fish drop away from him and go home without looking back and no one on the road without speaking.

Plots of night blindness

From the «night blindness» to bend over with tar and say:

«Tar, tar, take it from me

night blindness, and let the light glazushek.

Amen «.

Plots from the fall of

In the fall of the youngest ask for a blood relative, to blow into your eyes and read three times without hesitation:

«The eyes, you drive, you guards, you feed.

You are in the morning sun

open up,

month at night


faithfully serve,

at Mount tuzhite tears.

Be watchful, and you are strong,

eyes open, fast and

many years.

In the Name of the Father and the Son and

The Holy Spirit.

Now and ever, and

forever and ever.

Amen «.

Plots of strabismus

If you squint, when the full moon appears, display the patient on the balcony or on the street and ask them to look at the night light. In this case read:

«The people of a month, unwind, get better and better, so that the eyes and a slave (name) would look right. Amen.»

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