How to make a doll to voodoo

How to make a doll to voodoo

Doll to voodoo to make very simply. But, I warn you, it is black magic, it does not bear in herself kindly. And here if you sit down and will make the hands a doll for the child or together with the child, in the world becomes on one slice of happiness more.

 How to make for a ceremony to voodoo a doll – the person? The first rule, the more will be similarity of a doll to live object, the sorcery will be stronger. It is good, if you have things belonging to that person against whom you have conceived the certificate to Wood. Any subjects will approach: buttons, hair, scraps of nails, from a handkerchief or an object T-short it is possible to make to a doll clothes. Let’s do such doll.

Head — a ball prepare from a sock filled by the cotton wool, cut and filed. It is possible to buy a children’s ball from a fabric in a toy shop. It is possible to take a thick piece of polyfoam from boxes into which pack home appliances, and to cut out a ball with the help трафаретного a knife. There is a new problem: to give to a ball a kind of a human head, with a human face.

We arrive as follows. From a dense matter (a dense fabric, a cloth) and from jersey of corporal or pink colour it is cut out on a slice in the size 10 on 12 centimetres, or it is used other sizes, but in this proportion (10 centimetres — height of the person; 12 centimetres — width of the person; the jersey should be cut out so that the longitudinal thread went along the long party).

Between matter slices we will lay a thin layer of cotton wool. We will fasten all it from four parties and it is started a marking (better from an underside, on a dense material that does not remain traces on the person).

As is shown in drawing, spend two lines — one of them will be a line of eyes, another will divide the person into the left and right parties. A point of crossing of lines — the nose bridge centre.

We mark places where eyes will be sewn. Suitable «length» of an eye for the elite us of the sizes of the person — 17 millimetres. The width of nose bridge is same. We plan the hyphens designating length of an eye, and it is stitched them, piercing through cotton wool and hardly pulling a thread so that the jersey in these places has been pulled together. In the middle of the stitched hyphens (from jersey, it is final) we sew buttons or beads. Under eyes it is possible to enclose the eyelashes which have been cut out from a skin or from felt.

Eyebrows are embroidered with colour threads. (It is possible to attach the slices of the skin which have been slightly made an incision.)

Nose. We cut out a cardboard triangle, we put it half-and-half, we put under jersey the sharp end of a triangle up, and under a cardboard the dense slice of cotton wool is enclosed. To soften a nose contour, on it under jersey it is necessary to enclose a thin layer of cotton wool. Nose corners to stitch the same as stitched eyes.

As of socks and cotton wool we form hands, feet and a doll trunk. It is possible to cut out details from polyfoam and to paste over with their fabric. It is possible to sew from a fabric and to fill cotton wool or foam rubber. All details to sew, dress a doll in the clothes made of clothes of object. If you have hair of the person, it is possible to file them in a hairdress to a doll, and nails to paste on hands or feet.

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