Gout. Treatment and preventive maintenance.

Joint pain, their puffiness — such are usual signs one of the widespread illnesses bound to disturbance of metabolic processes in an organism — gouts. This chronic illness difficultly gives in to treatment. But metabolic processes can be regulated.

Treatment of a gout demands time and, that the most important, self-discipline: alcohol, smoking, a hyperalimentation, no less than long starvation, the excessive use of meat, smoked products, Adepses — all it promotes a gout exacerbation, can provoke an attack of pains.

If you are amazed by this illness, first of all, make by means of the attending physician a diet and observe it, certainly. A principle one: a food should be dietary, food intakes at a time, small portions.

Limit consumption of the products containing substances harmful to you — пурины: fried meat and fish, meat broths, kidneys, and also spinach, щавель, a garden radish, a string bean.

Besides a diet, the complex of treatment of a gout includes medicinal therapy. The cowberry has especially well proved: reception of its water infusion within three months substantially promotes restoration of the broken exchange.

For preparation of water infusion take 2 table spoons of the crushed leaves of a cowberry, place in the enameled ware, fill in with hot boiled water, close a cover and heat up on a water bath (in a pan with boiling water) 15 minutes, then 45 minutes cool at a room temperature, filter. Accept on 1 table spoon 4 times a day in an hour after meal.

At an acute attack of a gouty arthritis use water infusion of the collecting of following plants: цветков Calendulaes, a cornflower dark blue, buckthorn cortexes — by 1 part, neetle leaves — 2 parts, cortexes of a willow, a grass of a horsetail field, birch leaves — on 4 parts. Eight table spoons of an admixture of these plants fill in with four glasses of hot boiled water, boil on a water bath of 15 minutes, 45 minutes insist at a room temperature, filter and drink on a glass in each 2 hours.

Improvement of metabolic processes in an organism is promoted by reception of the medicinal grasses possessing diuretic and cholagogue action. Such collecting is most effective: foetuses of parsley — 1 parts, mint leaves, a dandelion root, foetuses fenhelja — on 2 parts, a cortex of a buckthorn and corn ryltsa — on 3 parts.

Activly promotes improvement of metabolic processes and the collecting in structure: camomiles chemist’s and lime colour — by 1 part, mint leaves — 2 parts, leaves of a neetle-4 of a part.

From each collecting of plants water infusion which should be stored in the ware prepares. For its preparation take 4 table spoons of one of collectings, grasses place in the enameled ware, fill in with two glasses of hot boiled water, close a cover, heat up on a water bath of 15 minutes, cool 45 minutes at a room temperature, filter, the rest wring out and the received volume lead up to 2 glasses, adding infusion boiled water. Accept on a glass of infusion 2 times a day in 2 hours after meal. Course of treatment — 8—10 weeks.

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