Whether you how go notice? Watch itself at walking? Necessarily pay attention to the gait: grace, grace of movements, an easy step along with a beautiful bearing — obligatory compound concepts «female beauty».

To develop beautiful gait not too difficultly. Putting a foot on the earth, it is necessary to concern at first the earths with a heel, then smoothly to transfer an emphasis on average and after it — on a forward part of foot. Differently, all foot participates in a step, from a heel to a sock,

But movement should be gradual, smooth, soft then your gait will look elastic, free.

How you take out a foot forward at a step? From a knee? Incorrectly — all foot should participate in movement from a hip. The straight line case, a head is not declined at each step, the chin is slightly raised, shoulders are developed.

At socks to look it is not necessary, but develop, please, a habit to put them slightly in the parties. At all inside!

Reconsider the footwear: important not only, whether it is fashionable, but also whether is convenient to you. In shoes too wide or too narrow it is impossible to go freely, easily. On too high heels it is necessary to move «on — crane» — not bending knees, rearranging a foot, it is exact on stilts. However does not decorate gait and footwear absolutely without heels is it is necessary to remember to fans fashionable кроссовок. Gait in them becomes wide, negligent.

Convenient and steady small heel — by the way speaking, and it now in a fashion — will give to your gait feminity, grace, ease.

And the last: see to the step. Here too the feeling of a measure is necessary — also wide, «man’s» gait with wide step, and tripping equally ugly looks. The step should be equaled to length of three your feet — certainly, taking into account growth and weight, the size of a foot.

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