For sunburn fast councils.

One rule for this sunburn, council is good for all who on a skin does not have pigmentary stains. If stains are, it is better not to use it

Not everyone manages to sunbathe well. Someone does not have not enough time. At someone the skin resists to sunburn. Other badly transfers the sun. Someone is afraid, that from sunburn there will be wrinkles.

I go with sunburn all year long, using any possibility to substitute the person under solar beams. To sunbathe it is possible on road for work, at an open window. But if during week-end it is possible to get on a beach business will go absolutely quickly. And what to speak about holiday at the sea or small river?

Trying to reach beautiful, equal sunburn, I tried different ways, but it has appeared the most effective following. Going to sunbathe, I take a vessel with water in which I add about a table spoon of salt on water litre. And a small gauze napkin that it could close the person. И it is final, a nutritious cream — certainly, not bleaching. Is better a cream for sunburn which passes ultra-violet beams, and thermal detains, that is especially important for at whom a gentle skin inclined to solar burns.

Having come on a beach, I grease a skin with a cream. I try not to lay — I run, I play a ball, I do gymnastics, from time to time moistening a body by a salty solution. Only when I will get tired, I lay down and I substitute to the sun the person. But thus it is indispensable on the person I put the napkin moistened in a salty solution. As soon as it will dry up, I moisten it and again I put on the person. Be not afraid, the person will sunbathe, and still as! And it will be equal, beautiful sunburn. The skin will be smoothed, will not be over dried — will receive both water, and a food (the damp cream is absorbed faster).

And one more council of which advantage for a long time it was convinced. Before sunburn it is necessary to eat a little salty, to drink cold tea with a lemon.

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