Flu, cold. A spring exacerbation.

In transition periods of year the considerable quantity catarrhal and infectious diseases is observed. How them to prevent?

Like winter would come to an end, in the street became warmer, and the case rate has not decreased.

Despite the spring, some people continue to put on too warmly. In an operating time or fast walking the sweating amplifies, there is a desire to be cooled. At first the top button, then the second and eventually a coat wide open is unbuttoned. The excited breast is insufflated by a wind. By the evening there is a cold, at night because of tussis it is difficult to fall asleep. From a headache rings in ears, the temperature rises. And result — the sick-list.

Acute respiratory diseases or as they still name, acute catarrhs the top respiratory tracts, trap at whom resistibility of an organism to influence of microbes and viruses is lowered. The reason of low resistibility — the general frigorism of an organism, nutrition, poor vitamins, chronic illnesses.

Cold causes a considerable quantity of viruses and bacteria (over two hundred names) which basically amaze the top departments of respiratory tracts: a nose, a pharynx, a throat, tracheas and bronchuses. The most serious complication of acute respiratory diseases — a pneumonia, that is a pneumonia. And here without medical assistance not to manage.

To treat illnesses it is difficult, it is easier to warn them, that is beforehand to take care of resistibility of an organism. Protective functions, ability to struggle with infections are stimulated with vitamin C. A organism develop it cannot, it arrives with a foodstuff, therefore so it is important, that the nutrition contained it in enough. In the nature hardly there will be other such natural product in which contains vitamin C more than in foetuses Rosa majalis. The black currant and a lemon cannot compete To it even. Foetuses Rosa majalis use in the form of water infusion. For its preparation take a table spoon of foetuses, fill in with a glass of hot boiled water, close a cover and boil 15 minutes, filter, volume of the received infusion lead up boiled water to a full glass and drink once a day on a glass after meal. Such quantity of infusion is quite enough to fill up missing quantity of vitamin C in products.

Kalanchol pinnata

If you have overcooled and you had a cold, do not forget about your green friend — Kalanchoe (Kalanchol pinnata). Squeeze out a teaspoon of juice and instill on 10 drops in each nostril. Kalanchoe promotes purification of a mucosa and putting off of inflammatory process. 2—3 times a day within 3—4 days drip in a nose.

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