Exercises to be slim -15 minute

So much it is required to you that in the morning, hardly having woken up, by means of several exercises to shake from itself drowsiness, slackness and quickly, «without a swing», to join in a habitual labour rhythm.

1. Feet separately, arms to shoulders. We lift arms upwards, well having pulled — an inspiration, we lower to shoulders — an exhalation/

2. Feet together, arms before a breast, fingers of arms are bridged. Not unclenching fingers, we straighten arms to the left, we turn them to the right palms up. We repeat exercise in other party. Breath any.

3. Feet on width of shoulders, arms in the parties. We begin circular movements by the straightened arms, simultaneously compressing and unclenching fingers. Breath any.

4. Heels together, socks separately, arms are freely lowered the Inclination the to the right-right arm slips on a hip, the left arm the exhalation is got for a head — we come back in initial position-breath. We repeat exercise in other party.

5. Feet on width of shoulders, have put arms on a chair backrest.

We do circular movements by the bottom part of a trunk as though we rotate a hoop,-at first in one party, then in another. Breath any.

6. There were directly, arms on a chair backrest. The left straightened foot it is taken aside on the maximum height, then it is done the same exercise for the right foot. Breath any.

7. Arms behind the back have sat down on a rug. Serially we lift and it is lowered the straightened feet, breath any.

8. Arms along a trunk have laid down on a rug. We sit down, helping themselves arms, then we come back in a starting position, breath any.

It is necessary to repeat each exercise of 8-12 times.

We finish warm-up by the walking alternating with running on the spot, rate is slowed gradually down, we pass to a step. Now — a cool shower, bathing in the river, a pond or the sponging down cold water is simple. New day you begin in vigorous, efficient mood!

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