Exercise on a chair.


If on work you sit long at a table, a complex of special exercises for growing thin and a raising of a tone of muscles, сослужит to you kind service. Each exercise is carried out, not rising from a chair.

  1. Sit down a back to a table. Lean against it brushes of hands and rise, taking out a basin forward. In this position be late for 10 seconds. To repeat exercise five times.
  2. Dissolve hands in the parties and bend them in elbows. Vigorously take away elbows back. To repeat 10 times.
  3. Hands are bent in elbows, brushes lay on a nape. Trunk turn to the right-to the left, on five times in each party.
  4. Hands in the parties at height of shoulders, palms upwards. Reduce shovels, then lift hands over
  5. Head, detain them in such position for 10 seconds. To repeat five times.
  6. Hands are bent in elbows, fingers concern shoulders. Elbows describe wide ranges back. To repeat 10 times.
  7. Now we will make three exercises for fingers. Close the moved apart fingers of the right and left hands. With force, not shifting tips of fingers, squeeze hands. Brushes of hands are weakened, fingers simulate game on a piano — all some seconds. Then some more seconds stir up hands as if wish to shake from them water droplets. Repeat 20 times.

Felt more vigorous, the weariness has receded? Do not forget and to do henceforth these simple exercises at least time-two within the working day.

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