Before proceeding to the enchantment of dental pain, take a glass of lukewarm water, add one teaspoon soda, one teaspoon of salt. Good rinse your mouth. It is possible and one salt, if there is no soda. In addition to soda and salt, natural antiseptics, water you wash your mouth out negative energy, and they can be bad words that you uttered, and those that caught yourself from other people who may have wished you ill.

The plot of a toothache1
«Dawn, lightning, fair maiden, polunoshnitsa, in the rabbit, in a sea of ​​stone on the bottom of the Limar. The cut you, lightning, my teeth with his mournful fatoyu cursed by Limar, your cover will survive in my teeth. Enemy Limar, pumping from me, and if you’ll bite my white teeth, I will hide you in the depths of hell. I call my sound! »

Conspiracy toothache 2
«Month of you, a month, the silver horns, gold your feet. Come down, you’re a month, take off my tooth sorrow, God save the pain under the clouds. My grief nor small, nor hard, and your mighty power. I did not trouble to move, and your power to transfer. Here’s a tooth, here are two, are the three — all thy take my sorrow. Month you are, a month, shut up from me tooth grief. »

Conspiracy toothache 3
«I’m going no streets, no roads, and through the empty streets, in ravines, along the ditches. Meet me Bunny «Hare you, Bunny, where are your teeth? Give me my, take my «I’m going either way, no way, a dark forest, gray forest. Towards the gray wolf to me: «You Wolf, Wolf, where are your teeth? Here’s my teeth, give me his. » I walk the earth, nor water, and clean the field, color meadow. Meet me an old woman: «You old woman, where are your teeth? Take thou wolf, give me your blurted out. » I spoke teeth tightly the servant (name) to this day, to this hour, for ever and ever. »

Conspiracy toothache 4
«Mother krapivushka, a holy tree! I have a servant of God (name), he has worms in his mouth, and thou mayest bring forth the add, and had not brought forth, then I’ll dried, and had brought forth, then I’ll let you go on the third day. »

After reading the plot should go into the street, to find a nettle growing free, bend it to the ground and tie. And on the third day unbind.

Conspiracy toothache 5
«Cain! Cain! Cain! Led to ask your brother Abel: Do not hurt his teeth? No. You should have a servant of God (name), no. In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. »

Conspiracy toothache 6
«At sea, the ocean, the island is on the Buyan soborskaya Apostolic Church, the Mother is the Most Holy Theotokos and Saint Antipas, dental healer. He asks and begs God’s saints on the servant of God (name): «How would you, saints of God, the teeth do not hurt, would have a servant of God (name) does not hurt your teeth.» In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen, amen, amen. »

Conspiracy to slander radish, the speck of spruce or pine. Then put the radishes to the teeth, and spruce or pine knot placed on the cheek opposite the patient’s tooth.

Conspiracy toothache 7
«I become the servant of God (name), to bless, I’ll go, crossing himself, out of the house doors, the gates of the yard, in the open field for the courts to the east side, towards me holy Abraham, Isaac, Jacob go. Them opposite the sea-blue ocean swim drowned corpse of a dead person, but in a clear sky flies the Falcon. And ask the holy Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, «What do you drowned corpse of a dead person, do not hurt your teeth if you do not schipyat a cheek, not chewing on a alaqah?» The answer is they keep the dead corpse of a blue sea, «His Holiness Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, a dead man does not hurt your teeth, do not schipet cheeks and chewing alaqah, while the falcon is not clear prischevayut lips, as a servant of God (name) would not hurt your teeth, do not be pinched cheeks, the lips are not prischevali. And do not be gnawed alaqah, the age for age, now and for the century. » Take my word as strong as a stone on water and on land, on bread and salt. According to all my good heavens key, locking the land now and ever and ever and ever, amen. »

The plot slanders of bread, the salt, which are then placed on the teeth.

Conspiracy toothache 8.
In a clear cloudless night, it’s best at twelve o’clock, when they saw a month, pronounce the words of the conspiracy:

«Young young ice, you have a golden horn. You on the distance, and I servant of God (name) on health.

-You were in another world?

— A. — I saw the dead?

— Yes.

-They have a toothache? No, do not hurt. Give me, O Lord, to me, the servant of God (name), the teeth never hurt. »

Conspiracy pronounced three times, then spit three times, looking for a month. The plot is better read in the first half of the month of birth. The plot is read in the first or last quarter of growth or aging of the month, in cloudy night, with good visibility of the month.

Conspiracy toothache 9
The youngest in the family (preferably a child under two years old) takes the patient’s arm and says:

Month-horned, where have you been? -He was just around the corner — the patient is responsible.

-What is it seen? — Asks the child.

-Did you see Adam’s bone. Adam’s bone is not glowing, not sick.

Looking for a month, the child three times, spitting over his right shoulder.

The plot is repeated three times.

Conspiracy toothache 10
Take three root strawberries, dipped in water and sentence three times: «As it dries strawberries and wither, so is the servant of God (name), and the teeth were silent zanemeli to sow per day and this hour.» Then the roots are placed on an aching tooth, and drink water.

Conspiracy toothache 11
It is necessary to approach the mountain ash, and several times it chew the bark, saying: «Rowan, Rowan, heal my teeth, but not cure — all you izgryzu.»

The plot is repeated three times. In some places, healers recommend after the word plot written down on paper and going to bed, put her cheek next to the diseased teeth. In the morning, without washing, this piece of paper to burn.

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