Money. How to make money.

Tough question. How to attract money? There are a couple of recommendations. First, money should you wish. Then recruit them that the money like you.
There are plenty of «magic» of recommendations, how to attract money into your life. But sometimes we, without knowing it, to blame for the fact that our finances are singing love songs.Specialists in bioenergy believe that money from us to «flee» because we neglect the simple rules regulating cash flows. How can properly take and give money?
Attitudes towards money
Cash love when they are treated respectfully. Therefore, in any case they do not swear! Even if you got to work, in your opinion, too little, do not speak scornfully: «And for those penny I have to bend your back!» On the contrary, thank fate for having sent you finance. Then she would send more. But you will curse the money — they have to be on you «go».
Very bad luck — losing a purse or money. So do not treat money carelessly, do not leave them in a conspicuous place where they can easily take the thief away, remove the purse, even if it is not enough money. Do not regret when you have to give and spend money, do it with joy: the more you give, the more get back again!
People are usually happy when he finds a stranger on the street purse, or if they «pass» the change in the store. And yet, this you override a monetary channel. Often, after a person loses money. Therefore, if you «passed» the change, returning it to the seller, and found wallets better attributed to the police.

Stop communicating with losers!
Avoid contact with people who always seek failures and financial problems. Whatever it was cruel to exclude them from your circle of friends! Otherwise, their failure to spread and you — checked! Try to maintain relations with the rich and wealthy people, at least, those who are not experiencing financial difficulties. And see — the money «will go» to you!
Money vault
The purse should never be left empty, let it be at least one coin, or even better bill! Do not put bills in a purse or wallet anyhow. Not to be confused bills of various denominations, rather, they should lie, depending on its value: tens of dozens, hundreds, with hundreds, etc. Trifle must lie in a separate pocket, and the money «insulted». We should not hold together the money of different countries.
If you caught crumpled bills, carefully straighten them before putting in a purse. Do not count the money, which lie in the piggy bank until, until it becomes full, and you do not want to shake her.
How to take and give money?
Try not to take money from someone’s hands. The store put them on the counter or on a saucer, the seller must put the change there too. Banknotes should be given only folded, not open. Then the monetary power will not flow away from you.
Never gave alms to the poor from hand to hand, and then themselves ye fail! Put your money somewhere where people can find them.
Do not send money over the threshold. As for the debts, then try, no one to hold and do not lend money itself, because it weakens the power of money. If this does not escape, it is not occupied and does not lend on Tuesday. Do not borrow and in the evening, and the money will stop you hobnob. If you take a loan, it is best to do it on the new moon, and return to the old, with notes of small denomination — it will attract to your finances. To borrow to the left hand, to repay — the right one.
How to spend money?
You are accustomed to, just got paid, run to the store? And yet, this just locked on you financial power! Bring the money home, carefully counted and put into a handful — for different needs. Then they will you hobnob. Do not make major purchases on Monday — the day It is called heavy: and no money, and the acquisition will not go any good.
«Weather» in the house
Note: the wealthy people are usually in the house in order, all licked, cleaned … Do not make a mess in the apartment! First of all, keep the shoes are not lying in the hallway, and stood in cabinets or in a special cabinet. Things in the cabinet should also be laid out neatly on the shelves. Make sure the windows were clean. Then the money will want to «live» in your home.

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