Conspiracy to love the sunset.

Conspiracy to love the sunset. What could be more romantic? Another simple and powerful love spell that is well suited for beginners — the sunset. In the evening, choose a time when the sun had almost disappeared over the horizon. Turn to face west, and looking at the setting sun, I repeat:

«The sun go down over the edge of the earth, my yearning, sorrow will take.
Tomorrow the sun will rise again, my love is like a rose blossom.
The sun will bake the heart (the name of a loved one) love burn.
His heart will be filled with passion. Will it be the love of breath.
The love nor the princess, nor to the princess, or to overseas princess,
or to a beauty, but to me one.
Will he love me to the grave. Let’s stay together in the joy of living. »
Repeat these words as long as the sun is not completely gone over the horizon.

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