Care of gold.


What leaving is demanded by silver and gold ornaments. Speak, it is necessary to remove rings if you wash hands with soap, and it seems to me, it is unessential-after all both gold, and silver-metals proof?

No, you are not right, homework is better for carrying out without rings and bracelets — the surface of metal and stones decorating them can be scratched and lose shine. If shine was gone, try to wash out the ornaments in water with liquid ammonia (6 drops on a water glass), then rinse with pure water and wipe a flannel.

The gold ring is better for removing and when apply cosmetics — especially if ointments, creams are prepared on the basis of mercury and its salts. Mercury not only changes colour of gold, leaves on it white stains, but also destroys it. By the way, stains can appear and from iodine. Them delete, having lowered a ring for 15—20 minutes in a solution of the hyposulphite-means applied in a photo (1 teaspoon on a water glass). Then to wash out pure water and to wipe a flannel.

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