Caloric content of a diet for those who wishes to grow thin.

Caloric content of a diet for those who wishes to grow thin

The Magic Diet to Lose Weight. As to caloric content of a day diet it should be reduced at the expense of fats and carbohydrates, but not at the expense of fiber. Fibers — the irreplaceable component of food, their reduction can harm to health. The most reasonable — to reduce to a minimum the use of sweets: sweets, sugar, cakes, jam etc. There is an opinion, that sugar ostensibly sates. But it incorrect — at corpulent people sugar just often stimulates appetite. It is necessary to limit essentially pasta, fats (especially animal). Meat, fish, it is more useful to boil eggs, instead of to fry. From vegetables it is better to prefer cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, vegetable marrows and a pumpkin. Fruit and berries is advised to choose the uns weetened: a gooseberry, a currant, apples sour. The carbohydrates containing in sweet fruit and vegetables, at their use in a considerable quantity can cause fat adjournment. As spices and a spicy food stimulate appetite, and salt promotes water accumulation in an organism that increases weight, it is necessary to salt and pepper food as small as possible.

Here, for example, the menu which will help you to eat is tasty, is nourishing, various and it is useful, not adding thus in weight.

Early breakfast: Russian salad with sour cream, cottage cheese or cheese, tea with milk, bread;

The second breakfast during a lunch break: porridge, boiled meat, either fish, or a vegetable stuffed cabbage, zrazas with forcemeat from boiled meat, etc.

Dinner after work: a sauerkraut on snack, a borsch vegetarian either a beetroot soup, or a fast Russian cabbage soup on vegetable oil, on the second-bitochki with a vegetable garnish or a slice of a hen with rice, mashed potatoes, or тельное from fish with a vegetable garnish, on the third-compote or juice, bread.

Supper: a pudding from millet with cottage cheese and carrots, a cottage cheese baked pudding, or potato zrazas with vegetables, curdled milk.

Many women, especially young, wishing quickly to grow thin, begin without consultation of the doctor to take a great interest in fashionable diets or starvation. In most cases it harms an organism only.

That who wishes to grow thin where once a week unloading day-dairy is more useful to arrange, kefiric, vegetable, apple. It is better to do it in target when physical activity decreases.

Someone, having limited itself in a food within one week, waits for appreciable results, instead of having found out immediate effect, despairs and comes back to a former way of life. But after all kgs collected for years, and for some days of them not to get rid. Struggle against excess weight demands persistence and patience. But health, vigorous state of health and external appeal will be the award in it.

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