Balanced diet. We consider calories.

Dialogue with the sorcerer the dietician.

It is known that, from the point of view of a science, a food, first of all, should be balanced.

Is a thing obvious, but, I think, it is necessary to remind of it: with nutrition the person should receive such quantity of energy what it spends. Now you suggest to consider kcals. But, maybe, it is possible to speak about the basic tendencies in the organisation of a house food?

-First of all it is necessary to mean, that the size of a metabolic cost of the person depends on its way of life, a kind of work. If it is bound to the big physical loads-power of an expense more. So, for example, the man of thirty-forty years who is engaged in mental work — the teacher, the doctor, the engineer, — on the average spends in day of 2700 kcals. If it works in hot shop, is engaged in serious physical work, its metabolic cost reaches 4100 kcals. See, what big difference! At the women having the big exercise stress — for example, working on building or in деревообрабатывающей the industries, — a metabolic cost makes about 3050 kcals, and at teachers, doctors, tutors — of 2300 kcals. Rupture all the same is great enough.

— But that turns out: women and the men who are engaged in identical work, spend for it different quantity of energy. Педагог-женщина—2300, and the teacher-man-2700 of kcals?

Is it is caused by physiological features of a female organism, character of a metabolism. Hence, caloric content of a food of the woman at peer loads with the man should be a little bit less. Perhaps, that women do not know about it, among them full much more, than among men…

Though it-only one of the reasons. It is necessary to be objective: house loads at the woman are very great. So, if it within an hour erases linen-130 of kcals, and then hour cleans-still 110 kcals… The Woman spends energies more than her husband is more often…

— Then it should give it the supper?

— And why would be not present? Everything, that the person spends, it should fill. And not to receive it is more than that истрачено. This main thing. We seldom reckon with it as have got used to certain family traditions in a food.

— These traditions to us are known: to the man, as usual, the portion is more, to children-less, the wife-that remains…

— Do not tell. In other family on the first place the child, especially if it unique, the most favourite… But I am not inclined to give the reference how to divide a family dinner: this business of the family, the developed traditions. But it seems to me, it is necessary to look at a family ration from the point of view of those factors which the science about a food has. Researches have shown, that a metabolic cost of the person, besides about what I already spoke, depend also on age. So. For example, the growing organism demands additional entering of a plastic material (fiber) on formation of a muscular tissue, from it other intensity, rather than at the adult, energy expenditure is high enough.

I will result examples. The young men of 18-20 years who even not have been not occupied with serious physical work, students, let us assume, in day spend energies approximately for 400 kcals (the whole supper!) more than their fathers — the men of 40-59 years who also are engaged in serious physical work. Girls, naturally, require larger quantity of energy, than their mum if character of work at them is identical.

— And schoolboys?

— You already know an approximate metabolic cost of adult people, compare. 1970 kcals are required to child А—6 of years, it is less than adult. But at the schoolboy of 11-13 years a metabolic cost more than at his mother if it, of course, is not occupied by serious physical work. However, we and see, what fine appetite at our growing children…

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