As hair and fingernails grow.

Hair and fingernails. Hair consists of a hinge, a root and a bulb. The hinge is that part which is out of a skin. The hair root is hidden in a skin and begins with a bulb. Growth of hair is caused by reproduction of cells of a bulb. Each bulb is bound to a nervous branch and blood vessels on which its condition depends.

In cells of hair of young men the pigment which defines colour of hair contains. At adult people this pigment will gradually get mixed up air blisters that gives to hair white colour.

Between colour and thickness of hair there is a dependence. Blondes have the most thin hair (0,04мм). Thicker hair of brown-haired women and brunettes. At blondes is available about 140 000 hair on a head, for brown-haired women — nearby 110 000 and at brunettes about 100 000 hair. Hair grow constantly, but irregularly. They grow faster in the spring and in the autumn. For one month of hair grows on 1 — 1,5 see an extent of certain term — from several months (for eyelashes) till several years (for head hair) hair drops out and on its place the new grows. At various people for a day drops out from 20 to 120 hair. Number of the dropped out hair individually.

Fingernails grow at the expense of reproduction of cells of a radical part. On arms for one week they grow on 1мм, and standing for 3 — 4 weeks on 1 mm. Fingernails of young men grow faster, than adults, and in the summer faster, than in the winter. Growth and a thickness of fingernails, and from here and their durability depend on a state of health of an organism, a trade, a sex, age, etc.

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