Aroma instead of tablets.

It was necessary to you to notice, how various smells strongly influence mood, on feelings? Пахнуло, for example, the new-mown grass from a lawn — also remembered the childhood, an oven, a grandmother’s garden…

Smells can cast grief and pleasure, they can, it appears, even to treat some indispositions. It is impossible to imagine high-grade perception of the world the person without feeling of sense of smell, after all it plays the important role in health protection, in correct functioning of all systems of a human body. So, the appetizing smell of food promotes allocation of gastric juice and, hence, its best digestion, unpleasant has begun to smell, on the contrary, warns us, that the food is substandard, and that helps to avoid food poisoning. The stagnant smell of the stuffy, not aired room induces somewhat quicker to open a window, to give access to fresh air which will ventilate lungs, etc.

The mucous membrane covering from within our nose, is penetrated by set of the nervous terminations catching smells which are connected by numerous ways with vegetative nervous system and a brain bark. At inhalation of aromatic substances the brain reacts to their signals, sending commands to separate bodies and systems.

And now let’s dream up: the fallen ill person to the doctor has addressed, and that has registered to it… Aroma of a violet for 15 minutes before meal 3 times a day, and for the night, before a dream, — aroma of a rose on half an hour daily. And the illness has receded! Agree, such method where is more pleasant, than bitter mixtures and painful procedures.

Aromatic substances were used in treatment long since, them used such well-known врачеватели, as Гиппократ, Авиценна. The set нюхательных salts was applied to calm of various attacks, a headache, other indispositions.

Treatment by aromas is not forgotten and today. Illnesses of cardiovascular system, treat nervous breakdowns aromas of laurels noble, a rosemary, a geranium. And results are appreciable. And фитонциды, containing in garlic and an onions, for a long time have proved from the best party at diseases of lungs, bronchial tubes.

It is noticed, that pleasant smells raise working capacity, cheer up, and unpleasant — lower, they can cause a headache, dizziness, pressure increase.

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