Against adiposity — stomach massage.

The good result for struggle against adiposity, for its prevention gives stomach massage. Before to be engaged in it, it is recommended to release an intestine and a bladder, to accept convenient position — sitting or laying. Stomach muscles are relaxed. We begin with a stroking from below, from the right ileal area, and on an hour hand course easy zigzag movements, superficial contacts, we rise upwards to the right rib, then we pass to the left rib and we finish a stroking in the left ileal area.

We pass to grinding. We triturate a skin and a hypodermic fat from ribs downwards to inguinal areas and again upwards-to ribs.

Now from above a stomach it is carried out a cross-section petrissage, gradually advancing arms to inguinal sites, and this reception we finish massage.

At a stroking the arm slips on a skin surface, at grinding — displaces the tissues laying under a skin, in different directions. At a stroking the direction of movements of an arm should coincide with a course lymphatic and blood vessels, at grinding — not always. Grinding strengthens сократительную function of muscles, accelerates a circulation, raises metabolic processes. It is parted on rectilinear, circular and as the spiral, is carried out by one or both arms.

Each reception of massage of a stomach is carried out 4—5 times.

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