Acupressure for the mope-eyed.

Parents, pay attention: if at you bad sight and at the child short-sightedness can develop.

It is necessary to add, probably, that acupressure is useful not only for mope-eyed, but also for predisposed to short-sightedness. Because the quantity of people which are amazed with this illness every day grows. Children especially suffer. The child goes to the first class, and the load at once is sharply enlarged by eyes. If earlier first-graders read, drew on an hour — ones and a half in day now on нескольку hours spend, having inclined over a school desk and a desk.

Here this increased load, overfatigue in a combination to weak eye muscles at children quite often lead to that already to the second, third class to the child points are required.

To thicket short-sightedness children, at which parents too bad sight suffer. Defect of sight in itself, and delicacy of a tissue of an eye which in the course of growth can be stretched is inherited not, breaking its functions.

For the child with an adverse heredity overfatigue of eyes especially dangerously. In 6-7 its years it is necessary to show regularly to the ophthalmologist and to try to follow all its references.

To warn short-sightedness, to suspend its advance at children and adults the special technique of acupressure helps.

Massing certain points, we improve eye blood supply, we remove a stress of eye muscles, improving thereby visual acuity.

Massage of points can be spent in position sitting and laying. Before procedure by an index finger end grope the points specified in drawings. At pressing on them you should feel morbidity, feeling of pressure. In the points located near to an eye to achieve strong painful sensations it is not necessary. To the Same reference follow, spending massage to children., By the way, it is easily possible to train them in massage acupuncture  points.

Begin massage with points 1 and 2. Mass simultaneously each point (except points on arms) on the right and at the left ends of index or big fingers within 2-3 minutes. Finger movement rotary or slightly vibrating. Pressure should be moderated with easy increase and the subsequent weakening.

Then start massage of points 3, 4, 5, 6. Them mass as, only influence time reduce about one minute.

Thus, on massage of all points at you will leave minutes 7-8. The adult can repeat its two-three once a day, the once suffices child. A course — 2-3 weeks. Then week — days ten having rummaged, and again follow a massage policy.

To the adult person if he feels, that eyes have very strongly got tired before doing massage, I advise for a minute — two to put a towel moistened with cold water to eyes. Then a towel take out and start massage. In this case for a relaxation of eye muscles it is desirable to mass all acupuncture  points 2-3 times successively.

Point 1 — on an internal surface of a forearm on distance of 3 fingers above a wrist cord.

Point 2 — on a back surface of a neck between muscles and an occipital bone.

Point 3 — on distance of 0,3 centimetres from an internal angle of an eye.

Point 4 — on a bottom edge of an orbit of an eye at pupil level.

Point 5 — on distance of 0,5 centimetres from an external angle of an eye.

Point 6 — on distance of 0,5 centimetres from the external extremity of a brow in an excavation.

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