A strong spell of love

A strong spell of love.
On the white tablecloth to put a new three candles. Light them. Three times to read a spell, after each reading to extinguish one candle. When the candles are extinguished, tie them together. Again light the interconnected candles and burn them. To burn them so that they are not left with nothing. Chad and the smoke must be set in the window (the window). This is to ensure that they have gone along with the spell.
text spells:
O Eternal God, I beseech Thee with compunction.
Deal wall high, hole CREATE deep, impenetrable wall,
Tosca irresistible. Depth — three fathoms of land,
Height — the height of an immense and immeasurable grief depth.
Closed, O Lord, and hath so servant (name) from me gone,
Another friend does not find it. Close to the key and take as
Help me, Lord, God’s servant (name).
While this lock does not open,
Until then, servant (name) I did not fall out of love.
The key, lock, and language. Amen.Plot on a strong love
Need to put together five of his hair and three hair favorite (favorite). Sharp drop in her hair a flaming fire, you will need to say:
Lord, thou shalt burn with fire of the Holy Spirit our kidneys and our heart. Amen! After this, you will have success in love.Conspiracy to love a girl
Needs to be done three times at different times to get up in front of the girl you want to fall in love, and pleasure to look at her, quietly said:
Nature made man through the woman. It is necessary to put his right hand to his heart, and left — to put on her right shoulder.
After the girl looks at you, tell her I Was attracted, I draw.
In a similar way you can try to talk to the love of a mature man or a young person, you can also use other ways of love spell.The conspiracy of love dedicated
Plot should be read before the morning!
text love conspiracy
In the open field is a willow, willow on the bird’s nest villa,
Egg with a chick in a sea of ​​dropped.
Like this bird on the egg’s heart ached,
So that the servant of God (name), aching heart
And sverbelo me, God’s servant (name).
Food so I do not jammed, the wine so as not washed down,
With Molodushka so as not to forget
Before old age has not stopped loving gray.
I seemed to him the moon at night, at dawn — the morning star,
In the desire — sweet water, famine — food.
My hands — wings, my eyes — the boom.
Age of love, the age I did not forget anyone has never changed.
Keys locked castles in the sand zaroyu, throw the keys into the hole.
Who would get those keys, only one obstacle to me in my love will be.
The key, lock, and language. Amen.

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