Exercises for growing thin. A rule №10.

Let’s begin with morning exercices. For weight reduction employment of type of physiotherapy exercises are necessary. After consultation of the doctor it is necessary to do the majority of exercises with a load that is if to jump, with dumbbells, if to move apart arms with эспандером, to bend down-with weights etc.

The physiotherapy exercises are necessary even in the event that you do manual work. At load selection if the doctor has not advised other technique, it is necessary to adhere «a rule 10». Its short consists that any exercise should be carried out easily not less than 10 times. If you can lift the weight only 3—4 times it means, that it for you is now serious and it is necessary to pick up easier. If on a sports power training apparatus you do less than 10 exercises take easier load etc. In process of strengthening of muscles a load it is necessary to enlarge.

That who moves a little, fast walking is useful. The vigorous step gives a good load on muscles of feet, energy is thus spent and, that too is very important, heart trains.

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