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Magic Spells to improve vision

There are a number of magical charms from various eye diseases and to improve vision. In our small spiritual world, there are verbal magic, the magic word. The idea is material, and when what is a word or phrase uttered throughout the ages many times, these words are uttered thoughts recharged energy of their people. Читать далее

A strong spell of love

A strong spell of love.
On the white tablecloth to put a new three candles. Light them. Three times to read a spell, after each reading to extinguish one candle. When the candles are extinguished, tie them together. Again light the interconnected candles and burn them. To burn them so that they are not left with nothing. Chad and the smoke must be set in the window (the window). This is to ensure that they have gone along with the spell. Читать далее

Women’s error.

Sometimes if you lose a man and stay in the dark about incomprehensible to us why? There is a stereotypical mistakes that often, we assume the weaker sex. What are they? Well, try to classify.

Who is not afraid to do something wrong and not at the beginning of a new pleasant acquaintance? Who would not want to bring in a formula rule that a woman does not want to do during the development of a new novel? If it was all so simple and easy to get the «retired» girls do not cry to a pillow at night, and abandoned women are not «stoked» to his woman’s grief in the unrestrained eating all the calories stored in their refrigerators … If … Читать далее

Magical meeting.

If you’d like to meet a certain person, you can be a ritual with the following.

Find your mark on the ground, biting its own tongue and say: «That’s like this track but have crossed to the following (say the name of the person 3 times). And the toe of his left leg at the time the trace crosses.

Duration 3 — 4 days.

How to grow hair. Special oil for hair.

Very good acting and the following oil for hair: 100 g of fresh, chopped roots of Árctium leave for 24 hours in 200 ml of pure olive oil, then cook the mixture over low heat for 15 minutes. After the mixture has cooled, strain it. Before washing the hair brush with plenty of butter and head wrap.Mask leave work 2 hours, after which the hair should be well washed.

Money. How to make money.

Tough question. How to attract money? There are a couple of recommendations. First, money should you wish. Then recruit them that the money like you.
There are plenty of «magic» of recommendations, how to attract money into your life. But sometimes we, without knowing it, to blame for the fact that our finances are singing love songs.Specialists in bioenergy believe that money from us to «flee» because we neglect the simple rules regulating cash flows. How can properly take and give money? Читать далее