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Good posture.

The direct back is an expression to well familiarly all who goes in for sports or a choreography. To "translate" it it is unequivocally impossible. That is to be straightened, tighten a stomach, shoulders are taken away back, scapulas do not stick out, and are shown in one straight line, a neck a straight line, the head is slightly raised... Try to accept such pose. You have felt, that as if. Became more harmonous, above growth, more strongly, more beautifully? This sensation is given by a correct posture. Continue reading

Excess weight – problem.

The special inspections, spent various districts of our country under the guidance of workers of Institute of a food, have taped, that excess weight and adiposity have very much a wide circulation as among adults (especially at women, almost at every third), and at children.

It is thus noted not only consumption of superfluous quantity of the nutrition mainly containing of many Adepses and carbohydrates, but also diet disturbance, as a rule, a late dense supper. Alimentary substances start to be soaked up in blood in 2—3 hours after meal. Here and to start to spend energy, but we already peacefully sleep at this time, and almost all substances are postponed in «fatty depots». Continue reading

Why we sweat?

For it we answers потовая and sebaceous secretion. For maintenance of a constant body temperature return of warmth by a body by a diaphoresis has great value. For preservation of an organism from excessive cooling during cold time dermal capillaries are narrowed, allocation of sweat and heat return thus sharply decrease. Continue reading

Lemon mask for a dry skin.


Rub on a small grater half of carrots, add a table spoon of vegetable oil (better olive), a table spoon of starch and juice of a quarter of a lemon. Put on the face for 15 minutes, then смойте warm, then cool water.