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Balanced diet. We consider calories.

Dialogue with the sorcerer the dietician.

It is known that, from the point of view of a science, a food, first of all, should be balanced.

Is a thing obvious, but, I think, it is necessary to remind of it: with nutrition the person should receive such quantity of energy what it spends. Now you suggest to consider kcals. But, maybe, it is possible to speak about the basic tendencies in the organisation of a house food? Читать далее

Massage of feet.

You are not sick, but began to feel suddenly, that feet quickly get tired. Caviar and when rise-crackle joints, feet reduces... Listen to this signal: means, not all is safe in your organism. By medicine it is noticed, that deterioration of the general condition begins with feet! Means, it is necessary to "include" more activly protective functions of an organism, to result them in "alertness" for struggle for normal state of health. Читать далее

How to clean silver.


Silver ornaments quickly darken. To remove a touch, wash out a ring or a bracelet in warm soap water, clean the soft rag moistened in a mix of liquid ammonia and a tooth-powder or a chalk. It is possible to wash out them in warm soap water with liquid ammonia (1 table spoon on water litre) then to rinse and wipe dry.

For sunburn fast councils.

One rule for this sunburn, council is good for all who on a skin does not have pigmentary stains. If stains are, it is better not to use it

Not everyone manages to sunbathe well. Someone does not have not enough time. At someone the skin resists to sunburn. Other badly transfers the sun. Someone is afraid, that from sunburn there will be wrinkles. Читать далее